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A brief security rant–

People are terrible at picking passwords. Computers are good at guessing them. The best way to make good passwords is to enlist the enemy’s help.  Readable PassPhrase Generator creates passwords like,

EDIBLE diplomats burned 7 dials and seatbacks

and you can add special characters like #$%@, etc.  

Remembering 200 passwords is impossible for people, trivial for a computer.  If you store passwords in the open source KeePass (protected with one good passphrase that’s easy to remember) you don’t have to reuse or use weak passwords, and you can enter them by hand if you need to.   KeePass2Android allows mobile use, and KeePass  can be carried on a USB stick with your encrypted passwords.  Addons allow automatic username/password insertion in some browsers (Chrome, Firefox.)

Strong passwords don’t have to look like 7Hk3$h”pMna[4  (Very secure, I’m sure, but impossible to remember.)  

 Password reuse-bad!

Password reuse means that when bad guys get your password for the football site, they have your bank password too. Don’t do it.  Also, don’t use anything that has ever been written down, anywhere (e.g., givemelibertyorgivemedeath cracks in 1 second).  Famous and not famous phrases are all in the password crackers’ dictionaries. Long, nonsensical passPhrases, with numbers & symbols added is the way to go. Make some letters upper case, and leave 0-3 spaces between words. E.g.,

a bulldozer zigzags a soliloquy or the trader

a bulldozer zigzagsA soliloquy or the trader

(Note, losing one space, and adding an uppercase letter vastly increases the # of possibilities.)  

Don’t use this particular passphrase. Get your own unique ones!














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